Database Development


Regulatory Support

PAI has developed electronic databases for summarizing comments on ANPRMs, NPRMs, SNPRMs, interim final rules, regulatory reviews, exemptions, and other regulatory notices.

Each of PAI’s databases functions as an efficient and reliable means of summarizing comments and facilitates trend analysis and retrieval of industry and commenter concerns.  PAI has used such databases for rulemaking projects receiving as many as 30,000 comments and as few as 100 comments.  Each database is tailored to the particular project and includes fields such as commenter name, commenter affiliation, a summary of the comment, and commenter recommendations related to individual issues or specific section numbers.  These databases allow PAI to sort the collected data and form numerous reports, including graphs and charts according to each requesting agency’s needs.

PAI then analyzes the public comments and organizes them in a manner that allows the agency to easily address and respond to the comments in the final rule.  In addition, based on agency guidance, PAI has drafted the agency response to comments for publication in the final rule.

Aviation Safety Study Support

PAI has created databases to capture, categorize, and facilitate analysis of aviation safety data  across all sectors of the global aviation industry.  Each database is populated using data from relevant external databases and other reporting systems.  PAI standardizes and modifies the data to conform to defined data standards.  Catalogers further research the events as necessary to categorize them in accordance with the standards.

PAI analysts routinely develop queries of PAI and external databases to analyze and categorize the most relevant and statistically significant information.  PAI uses the results of these queries to write and update aviation safety studies and in support of other aviation safety initiatives led by the Federal Aviation Administration and the aviation safety community.