Meeting and Event Planning and Facilitation

The logistics of planning and supporting any size of meeting can be a daunting task.  PAI can provide complete planning services and meeting support for public and private hearings and meetings to make any event run smoothly—from small executive committee meetings to large scale public hearings or association events.  Leave the details to us.

PAI has provided complete planning services and meeting support for a number of large-scale public hearings and meetings as well as meetings held under the Federal Advisory Committee Act and as part of the regulatory process.  As a result, our team is well versed in the detailed planning that successful meetings require.  

PAI can provide extensive logistical support before, during, and after the meeting.  Logistical support before the meeting includes drafting the agenda and ground rules, registering attendees, compiling an attendee list, and producing name tags.  It also involves arranging the meeting location, including seating and tables for panel members and attendees; electronic sound equipment; podiums and microphones; audiovisual equipment to include projectors, screens, and television monitors; court reporter services; speaker timers; security services; and an operator for sound and audiovisual equipment.  

During the meeting, PAI can provide meeting support that includes checking in attendees, organizing and assisting with presenters’ audio and visual presentations, and moderation and/or facilitation.  

Following the meeting, PAI can provide an official meeting transcript or a record of meeting to the Government agency for submission to the public docket.  

PAI also has extensive experience in planning and facilitating FAA Rulemaking Management Council and Rulemaking Steering Committee meetings.  Support for these meetings includes preparing the agenda and other meeting materials, researching and retrieving information from the FAA intranet to update and compile meeting reports, preparing a meeting folder for each council and committee member, and delivering the materials to the FAA in draft form for review and in final form for each meeting.  Following each meeting, PAI drafts an official record of meeting.

PAI has and continues to provide similar services for several Aviation Rulemaking Committees formed to respond to specific issues.  PAI attends each meeting, records and generates a final record of meeting, supports the drafting of any reports produced by the committee, and performs general meeting support services such as organizing the meeting location and disseminating information to committee members.