Aviation Safety

PAI's staff includes commercial, military, and general aviation pilots, as well as maintenance technicians, flight instructors, air traffic controllers, and other aviation professionals.  We have the expertise to support your aviation safety initiative.

I’m seriously considering moving all of our MEL services to PAI. Our G280 and G650 MELs are currently with [another provider]. They do a reasonable job with the documents but they aren’t the experts you guys are, they are slower to respond, and their product isn’t as user-friendly and “tailored” to our operation.
Director of Aviation for a major Part 91 flight department

Minimum Equipment Lists

PAI can help you discontinue the use of the master MEL as your MEL, and tailor an MEL to your company's needs and expectations.

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PAI has developed and conducted training programs for Government and industry instructors and participants.  These training services include identification of training requirements, instruction design, training recordkeeping, and program evaluation.

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Compliance Reviews

PAI can perform an onsite compliance review for multiple areas of your operation. PAI will perform a thorough review and generate a detailed report describing areas of noncompliance and where improvements can be made to bring efficiency and effectiveness to your organization.

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Handbook/Manual Development

With our regulatory, evaluation, and editing experience, we can create handbooks and manual systems that are in compliance with the rules, functional for the operator, and easy to use.

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Civil Aviation Oversight

PAI can help civil aviation authorities meet the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) standards by providing training, developing procedures, and more.

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Operational Safety and Maintenance Evaluations

PAI has been an industry leader in the development of evaluation techniques and has performed numerous evaluations of air carriers, corporate flight departments, and government flight departments.

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IS–BAO Preaudit checks

Are you preparing for an IS–BAO audit?  PAI's staff can conduct a preaudit check to help you pass your Stage I, II, or III IS–BAO audit.

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PAI has participated in the development and reengineering of several programs, particularly with the Federal Aviation Administration.

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