PAI's staff has expertise in many facets of the aviation industry, including best practices.  We have developed and conducted training programs for Government and industry instructors and participants. These training services include identification of training requirements, instruction design, training recordkeeping, and program evaluation.


Exemption Training

PAI created an exemption process training course based on the applicable work instructions and input from ARM and other subject matter experts. The course is provided to a wide variety of FAA personnel responsible for processing exemptions. Since its initiation in July 2010, PAI has presented the course seven times, including the prototype course. The training course includes an explanation of the exemption process, roles of interested parties, components of an effective analysis, how to analyze a petition, how to draft an exemption document, and other tools and information. PAI provides each participant with a course binder and handouts. PAI also continually updates the course in accordance with feedback.

Safety Management Systems (SMS) Training and Implementation

SMS is a systematic, comprehensive, and proactive approach to managing safety based on four fundamental components:  safety policy, safety risk management, safety assurance, and safety promotion.

The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) prescribes SMS standards and recommended practices (SARP) and released a new annex (Annex 19 to the Convention on International Civil Aviation) devoted to SMS in November 2013.  The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) issued a final rule in January 2015, creating 14 CFR part 5.  It requires operators certificated under part 121 to implement an SMS.  Moreover, part 5 provides a uniform standard for SMS that the FAA could extend to 14 CFR part 135 certificate holders, part 145 repair stations, and original equipment manufacturers.

Worldwide, both the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and Transport Canada – Civil Aviation are ahead of the FAA in implementing SMS regulations.  In addition, a plethora of national aviation authorities have adopted ICAO language as part of their respective regulatory structures.

SMS is the future and its implementation is imminent.  Now is the time to prepare your organization!  In addition to regulatory compliance, SMS implementation strengthens your organization’s safety culture and results in a more efficient product.

PAI offers customized SMS training and a 2-day comprehensive course based on MITRE Aviation Institute course materials, ICAO SARPs, and the FAA SMS model.

PAI also can provide assistance in implementing SMS in the following areas:

  • Planning

  • Gap analysis

  • Hazard identification

  • Risk analysis

  • Risk assessment

  • Risk mitigation

  • Manual drafting

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