Sean Anderson

Aviation Analyst

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
Bachelor of Science, Aeronautics, 2017

FAA Private Pilot License–Rotorcraft, Helicopter
FAA Remote Pilot

Mr. Anderson began his education in aeronautics in 2012.  As an Aviation Analyst at PAI Consulting, he uses his aviation expertise and analytical skills to analyze and categorize client data.  Mr. Anderson supports aviation directed studies by analyzing data, organizing his findings, and drafting technical studies and other reports and written documentation.  He also uses his organizational skills and experience to support PAI’s clients by tracking and organizing records and other supplemental information.

Before joining PAI Consulting, Mr. Anderson worked for Menzies Aviation as a Fueling Agent.  In this capacity, he performed fueling operations of commercial aircraft while adhering to security, fire safety, and fuel quality assurance standards and regulations.  His duties included operating fueling trucks in the non-movement area of the airport, delivering fuel accurately and safely on time, completing fuel receipts, communicating with pilots and operations centers, complying with fuel spill mitigation and remediation procedures, and adhering to access control and SIDA challenge procedures.

Before working for Menzies Aviation, Mr. Anderson was a student at Embry–Riddle Aeronautical University (ERAU), studying aeronautics.  While at ERAU, he took 53 credits of instruction on aviation subjects including aerodynamics, aircraft performance, aviation law, crew resource management, aviation security, aviation research, and unmanned systems, including flight simulation and real-world operations of industry platforms.  This coursework helped Mr. Anderson develop a solid understanding of the mechanics, principles, and practices of flight, both manned and unmanned.

During the summer before his senior year, Mr. Anderson supplemented his coursework on unmanned systems by participating in a summer program partnership between ERAU and Textron Systems.  In this class, he learned to operate the Aerosonde Mk 4.7 UAV, receiving in-depth training on aircraft systems, ground handling, launch and recovery, and flight operations.  Mr. Anderson furthered his studies on unmanned systems through his senior capstone project by conducting research on the applications and legal concerns of using unmanned systems in law enforcement settings.  At the time, he determined there were numerous applications within the field for unmanned systems, ranging from search and rescue and accident investigation to surveillance operations in SWAT activities.

Mr. Anderson supplemented his understanding of manned flight during his studies, as well.  In 2016, he sought training ground and flight instruction on the operation of helicopters.  This training involved aircraft systems, weather, regulations, radio communication, and normal and emergency procedures.