Elizabeth Waltz


University of North Texas
Bachelor of Science, Aviation Logistics, 2016

University of North Dakota
Master of Science, Aviation Safety, 2021 (Projected)
Master of Science, Human Factors, 2021 (Projected)

Certifcations and Ratings
FAA Student Pilot
FAA Aircraft Dispatcher

Ms. Waltz began her career in the aviation industry as by pursuing a Bachelors Degree in Aviation Logistics from the University of North Texas (UNT) in Denton, Texas. While there, she learned how to safely operate commercial aircraft in passenger and cargo operations. Ms. Waltz also studied the business side of commercial aviation, taking classes on law, business, accounting, and management as they relate to the aviation industry.

As a student, Ms. Waltz engaged in a number of aviation-related extracurricular activities. She was the Vice President the UNT chapter of Alpha Eta Rho, a professional aviation fraternity. In this capacity, Ms. Waltz volunteered at the Alliance Air Show in Fort Worth, Texas. She also organized an orientation program for her classmates with Southwest Airlines (Southwest) Network Operations Control.

Ms. Waltz graduated from the honors program at UNT as one of the top three students in her program and then interned for Southwest. In this position, she analyzed deidentified dispatch Aviation Safety Action Program (ASAP) reports and prepared reports and briefings based on the results of these analyses. Ms. Waltz also developed mock Boeing 737 flight plans for use by Flight Ops training on a new third-party performance and weight and balance system. She conducted tours in the Network Operations Control Center and explained dispatch and operational duties to outside visitors, as well as Southwest staff from other departments.

After completing her internship at Southwest, Ms. Waltz worked for Southwest as a Technical Writer in the Flight Operations department. As a Technical Writer, she worked with pilot and dispatch managers to draft and publish new and revised operating procedures. Ms. Waltz regularly worked with representatives from the Dispatch Standards, Training, and Safety departments to revise manuals and update procedures, such as the Boeing 737 Quick Reference Handbook. She also assisted in developing various training materials, including for the MAX 8 aircraft and a new performance and weight and balance system. Ms. Waltz held several non‑writing responsibilities, including providing field support for the families of victims in the event of an aircraft accident as a member of the Care Team, and by conducting research for lawsuits related to flight operations.

In 2017, Ms. Waltz left Southwest to work as an Aeronautical Analyst at AeroNavData, Inc. As an Aeronautical Analyst, she collected, analyzed, and evaluated aeronautical data from multiple worldwide data and image sources. Ms. Waltz developed a database to record instrument approaches and arrival and departure procedures flown by various flight management systems (FMS). She used this database to design safe, compliant, FMS procedures. Ms. Waltz also interpreted plates, charts, Notices to Airmen, and Aeronautical Information Publications.