Ryan J. Gibson


Mercyhurst College
Bachelor of Business Administration, 2005
Concentration in Marketing, Management, and Advertising

Certifications and Ratings
Commercial Pilot—Airplane, single- and multi-engine land
SIC Type Ratings—CL–65 (Canadair Regional Jet) and BAe/Avro RJ (British Aerospace Avro)
Flight Instructor Certificate—Airplane, single- and multi-engine land; Instrument–Airplane
Critical Incident and Response Stress Management Certification
FCC Radio Telephone Operators Permit
FAA Medical–First Class

Mr. Gibson has nearly 10 years of experience in the aviation industry, working in a variety of operations in both general and commercial aviation. He has worked as a pilot and maintenance assistant during summers and holiday breaks where he gained knowledge of maintenance routines, charter operations, and airport operations. In 2003, Mr. Gibson served as a “pilot entrepreneur,” where he worked as a flight instructor, charter captain, traffic watch pilot, charter pilot, and field sales manager.

At Mesaba Airlines Corporation, Mr. Gibson he served as a Part 121 airline pilot on the BAe 146/RJ–85 (British Aerospace Avro Jet) initially based at the Memphis International Airport and later assigned to the Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport. Mr. Gibson was trained in the systems of the Avro Jet, as well as the regulations pertaining to four‑engine aircraft operations. His systems training included flight management system, GNS-X, autothrottles, full authority digital engine control, and automation training. Mr. Gibson operated the RJ–85 throughout the East Coast, South, and Midwest as a first officer. 

At Air Wisconsin Airlines Corporation, Mr. Gibson is a CL–65 (Canadair Regional Jet) first officer. Mr. Gibson has been based at the airports in Philadelphia, Norfolk, and Washington, DC. He also serves on several committees for the Air Wisconsin Airlines Pilots Association, including the Critical Incident Response Committee and Pilot Mentor/Membership Program. Mr. Gibson currently operates flights throughout the East Coast, South, and Midwest.

Mr. Gibson became involved in many business ventures outside of aviation, including developing and growing teams. As the director of Crew Programming at Bishop Ireton High School, he increased membership from 30 members to more than 70 members in 2 years and increased annual revenue by 75 percent through streamlined fundraising efforts and additional programs. He created a boat rental fundraiser, summer camps, and an erg-a-thon to achieve a solvent and growing operation. While working for Guest Services, Inc., Mr. Gibson’s work added $65,000 in revenue to the annual budget by creating a winter training program for adult professionals. He grew existing programs to record levels by providing leadership and fostering a team environment; developing a private instruction program and corporate retreat program; and creating a system for ordering parts, repairing equipment, and organizing data that allowed employees to do their jobs more efficiently.

As a Consultant at PAI, Mr. Gibson supports projects conducted by the FAA. He assisted with an airspace study of congested areas and the ASIAS digital library.  In addition, Mr. Gibson assisted with ADS–B In Aviation Rulemaking Committee records of meeting and attended meetings for the First Officer Qualifications Aviation Rulemaking Committee for Part 121 carriers.