Operations and Maintenance Evaluations

PAI has performed in-depth air carrier and corporate flight department evaluations.  Our evaluations provide a practical, independent assessment of operations, including flight operations, maintenance, dispatch, and customer services.

Our evaluations are based on the systems evaluation concept, which is similar to the FAA’s internal evaluation program PAI helped the FAA create in 1989.  The concept focuses on ensuring systems and procedures are in place to continuously comply with the regulations and company requirements.  Our evaluations help companies verify compliance with all regulatory requirements and assess their practices in relation to the best in the industry.  We provide specific recommendations for improving processes and correcting deficiencies.  The corporate flight department evaluations also can include implementation support for the International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations (IS-BAO) code of best practices.

We also have performed evaluations for and of government agencies.  These evaluations include a safety audit of the Air Marine Interdiction Division of the U.S. Customs Service and a baseline audit of the FAA’s Office of Aviation System Standards.  Subsequent to the baseline audit, PAI created an internal evaluation program for the Office of Aviation System Standards, including guidance material and a training program to support the program. 

In addition, PAI participated in the FAA’s national safety inspection evaluation of 9 of the 10 major air carriers’ maintenance management systems, which included evaluating each air carrier’s continuing analysis and surveillance system, internal evaluation program, reliability program, and safety program.