Joseph Hendron

Aviation Analyst

University of North Dakota
Master of Science, Aviation , May 2019 (Projected)

University of North Dakota
Bachelor of Science, Aeronautical Science, 2015

Commercial Pilot—Airplane, single- and multi-engine land; Instrument
Flight Instructor Certificate—Airplane, single‑engine; Instrument–Airplane

As an Aviation Analyst at PAI Consulting, Mr. Hendron uses his aviation expertise and analytical and statistical skills to analyze and categorize client data.  Mr. Hendron supports aviation directed studies by analyzing data, organizing his findings, and drafting technical studies and other reports and written documents.  Additionally, he uses his organizational skills and experience to support PAI’s clients by tracking and organizing records and other supplemental information.

Before working for PAI, Mr. Hendron worked for the University of North Dakota (UND) Aerospace program as a Flight Instructor, Standards Check Pilot, Supervisor of Flight, and Lead Flight Instructor.  As a Flight Instructor, Mr. Hendron provided flight and ground training to students ranging from no experience to those working on instructor ratings.  In his role as a Standards Check Pilot, he ensured Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) standards were met by conducting Private Pilot, Commercial Pilot and Instrument rating check rides.  As Supervisor of Flight, Mr. Hendron was responsible for overseeing the safe operation of flights during a shift, and coordinating with the manager on duty in the event of an emergency.  

As a Lead Flight Instructor, Mr Hendron served as part of the management team for the UND Aerospace program.  He was responsible for overseeing a team of 15 flight instructors to ensure training was being conducted safely and in compliance with all FAA regulations.  He was also responsible for working with other members of the of the management team to develop, implement, and evaluate new policies to ensure training was conducted as efficiently and safely as possible.

Before his employment with UND, Mr. Hendron completed an internship with Cape Air/Nantucket Airlines.  During the course of this internship he gained experience working as a First Officer for a Part 135 operator.  He also worked as a member of the flight training department and was responsible for assisting with the revision of training documents and manuals.

Mr. Hendron is currently pursuing his Master’s Degree in Aviation at UND.  Throughout his course of study, he has taken a variety of courses that encompass research, data analysis, and writing.  In Aviation Safety Analysis, he gained experience analyzing, writing about, and presenting safety data in a clear, concise manner.  In Aviation Research Methods, he furthered his skills using qualitative, quantitative, and mixed-method research approaches in the development of research projects.  As part of his Aviation Capstone course, Mr. Hendron worked with an interdisciplinary group of aviation professionals to research the dangers of distraction caused by personal electronic device use in the cockpit.  With his group, he conducted a safety risk analysis of current regulations and drafted a recommendation for further expansion of those regulations.

Mr. Hendron is currently conducting research to complete a thesis as part of the requirements for his Master’s degree.  His thesis is a mixed-methods analysis of the relationship of hazardous attitudes to compliance with sterile cockpit procedures in a Part 141 training environment.