Digital Library Services

The PAI team has experience managing information and records, specifically working with metadata and the organization of information.  They have cataloged, organized, arranged, and indexed file collections and created/populated databases.  PAI's digital library staff assist in the identification and translation of concepts from the narrative components of incident and accident reports to develop search term variations.  Digital library services also include all of PAI's database development services.

Digital Library

For a Government client, PAI developed and maintains an aviation digital library that is intended to serve as a single repository of aviation information, allowing analysts to conduct research in a self-contained environment.  This digital library contains aviation resources from around the world, spanning 40 years and encompassing all topics related to aviation safety.  The digital library continues to grow as PAI staff locate and catalog new resources.  The resources in the digital library cover all categories of aviation and include accident and incident reports, journals, bulletins, photographs, audio recordings, and videos.  Each entry in the digital library contains a summary of the resource that provides the user an overview of the document, as well as a full copy of each resource to view or download.  

The data in each resource is categorized by subject using a subject set created specifically for the digital library.  The subject terms and definitions for each term are designed to incorporate the broadest possible meaning of the term as used throughout the international aviation community to enable users to search freely through the greatest variety of resources.  Term definitions are based on descriptions of aviation safety topics used by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), the European Co-ordination Center for Accident and Incident Reporting Systems (ECCAIRS), the Commercial Aviation Safety Team (CAST)/ICAO Common Taxonomy Team (CICTT), the FAA’s Joint Aircraft System/Component Codes (JASC), and other aviation resources.