Davis Chung

Senior Editor

University of Southern Maine
Bachelor of Arts, History, 1984
Secondary Social Studies Certification

Edward Tufte
Presenting Data and Information, 2004

Century Planning Associates
Competitive Proposal Writing, 2010

Mr. Chung has over 20 years of editorial and publishing experience.  As a Senior Editor at PAI Consulting, he uses this experience to provide editorial support for PAI’s clients.  He writes, edits, formats, and reviews a variety of technical and regulatory documents for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and aviation industry, including reports, briefing papers, records of meeting, standards, guidelines, handbooks, reference materials, memos, letters, presentations, and Web pages.  Mr. Chung helps create documents that accurately convey information using proper English; the appropriate style standards, including the U.S. Government Printing Office Style Manual, Federal Register Document Drafting Handbook, and PAI in‑house style; and the FAA Plain Language Program.

Mr. Chung’s major projects at PAI have included drafting, editing, and formatting a variety of documents for numerous Aviation Safety Information Analysis and Sharing (ASIAS) programs and the FAA Office of Rulemaking (ARM).  He provides in-person editorial support to a number of technical committees, working groups, and aviation rulemaking committees on an as-needed basis.  He also has edited and formatted procedures manuals for industry clients, and supported the drafting, editing, and production of aviation regulations for a foreign government client.  In addition, Mr. Chung has provided onsite FAA exemption processing support, digitized and processed historic FAA records, cataloged incident and accident reports, and provided editorial support for the twice‑yearly Aviation Safety InfoShare conference.

Previously, Mr. Chung edited and formatted U.S. Air Force technical orders, worked on Cisco Certified Training Manuals, and wrote, edited, and formatted federal proposals as diverse as Altegrity Risk International’s due diligence for the Securities and Exchange Commission; Tachyon Network’s satellite communications for the U.S. Army; and the U.S. Information Service’s scanning and coding of medical records for the Veterans Administration.