Christa D. Brolley, JD, PMP

Chief Operating Officer

Drake University Law School
Juris Doctor, Summa Cum Laude, 1997

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
Courses in Aviation/Aerospace Management, 1990–1994

Boston University
Bachelor of Science, Aerospace Engineering, 1987

Federal Aviation Administration
Principles of Plain Language Course, 2001

Military Career Training, 1988–1994
Test/Evaluation Crew Resource Management Training, Workshop and Mission‑Oriented Simulator
National Test Pilot School Introduction to Systems Flight Testing for Engineers
Systems Acquisition School Intermediate Systems Acquisition Management Course
Introduction to Acquisition Management Course
General Scientific and Technical Intelligence Course
Tactical Electronic Combat Intelligence Course

Certifications and Ratings
Project Management Professional

Ms. Brolley has over 20 years of experience in the aviation industry and 8 years of experience conducting corporate flight department reviews, Part 121 air carrier evaluations, and internal evaluations.  During each evaluation, she reviews the following areas and recommends changes as necessary:  maintenance program and requirement tracking process; airworthiness directive compliance; major repair and alteration records; maintenance recordkeeping and reference documents; maintenance personnel training; parts handling and storage; precision measurement equipment; and facilities and equipment.  She has been part of several PAI teams evaluating corporate operations for operators such as Walmart Stores, Inc., Walmart Canada, Kraft Foods Global, Gaylord Entertainment, Qualcomm, Motorola, Books‑A‑Million, Anderson and Anderson LLC, Anderson News LLC, HAC, Inc., and other highly respected corporate flight departments.  Ms. Brolley also served as the maintenance operations team lead for a PAI system safety evaluation of Alaska Airlines, Inc.

In addition to her industry experience, Ms. Brolley has over 10 years of experience assisting Federal Government agencies, including the FAA, DOT, NASA, TSA, FMCSA, and USDA, in all aspects of the rulemaking process.  This support includes drafting regulatory documents and Federal Register notices, summarizing and analyzing public comments, organizing and facilitating public meetings, and performing regulatory analyses.  

As Chief Operating Officer of PAI, Ms. Brolley manages and supports numerous FAA regulatory projects that involve the preparation of notices of proposed rulemaking, final rules, advisory circulars, guidance material, and summaries of comments.  Ms. Brolley also supports FAA aviation rulemaking committees and safety study teams.  Her engineering and legal backgrounds enable her to analyze and review FAA advisory material, and recommend process improvements related to complex engineering and aircraft certification issues.