Brian Boardman

Senior Aviation Analyst

Western Michigan University
Bachelor of Science, Aviation Flight Science, 2000

Airline Transport Pilot—Airplane, multi‑engine land; Commercial Privileges—Single Engine Land and Sea
Type Ratings—BE–400 (Beechjet/Hawker 400XP), IA–JET (IAI Westwind), Airbus A320
Flight Instructor Certificate—Gold Seal; Airplane single‑ and multi‑engine; Instrument‑Airplane
Ground Instructor Certificate—Instrument
FCC Radio Telephone Operators Permit

Mr. Boardman has over 15 years of aviation operations and safety experience.  As a Senior Aviation Analyst at PAI Consulting, he uses his experience in technical writing and regulatory compliance to support PAI’s Government and industry clients as a subject matter expert.  Mr. Boardman’s duties include developing reports for working groups executing regulatory and Government‑mandated efforts, analyzing and drafting prospective regulations, drafting corporate flight operations manuals in accordance with applicable regulations and best practices, facilitating joint Government/industry meetings, and performing research and data analysis to support Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) programs.

Mr. Boardman’s major projects at PAI have included drafting aviation regulations for a foreign Government client, supporting an FAA aviation rulemaking committee, conducting industry trend studies for the FAA, managing the development of a Category II manual and related certification documents for a corporate client, developing and maintaining aircraft minimum equipment lists for corporate clients, serving as project and program manager of several projects, facilitating and managing joint Government-industry groups, using SQL and web tools to query data sources, analyzing data, and providing subject matter expertise for safety studies.

Mr. Boardman previously held several positions at Aerodynamics, Inc., including Director of Safety, Manager of Corporate Publications, pilot, and ground instructor.  As Manager of Corporate Publications, he was responsible for ensuring consistency of content and style across manual systems, managing manual revisions and distribution, leading review boards, and acting as the liaison between the FAA and the company.  As Director of Safety, he was responsible for Safety Management System oversight, Internal Evaluation Program audits, Employee Health and Safety programs, and Occupational Safety and Health Administration compliance.  He also served as a flight instructor for the Western Michigan University College of Aviation and a flight operations intern at United Airlines.  Mr. Boardman holds an ATP certificate and has flown several aircraft types under Title 14, Code of Federal Regulations (14 CFR) parts 121, 135, and 91.